Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Allerton Harbor Canvas

I don't know that I've done an endorsement here before, but this one is deserving.

Four or five years ago, Jay Hanks replaced LIQUIDITY's dodger. With the boat covered, he used the old one as a pattern, but changed the design and delivered a much improved product. Installed, it fit perfectly and it's aging well.

Tomorrow morning, I'm heading to Hull, taking my old main sail cover in for replacement. It's likely the original, as it was on the boat 20 years ago, when LIQUIDITY still had its original main. The cover is worn through in spots and my feeble attempt at patching worked for a few years. Now though, it's surely time, as the cover is becoming more and more patch, with less and less fabric on which to sew patches.

I'm looking forward to seeing Jay, talking sail covers and talking boats. It's what winter's for.

Allerton Harbor Canvas

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Delivered by Sail

It's December and it's snowing, so what to think about besides the 2017 sailing season?

I'm thinking in particular about the romantic notion of goods delivered by sail. Not that I can haul lumber or bricks or oil or cars or whatever, but LIQUIDITY, in 28 feet, is perfectly capable of hauling small, gift shop items, like crafts, jewelry, and the like. Anything small, relatively light, and not particularly fragile would do.

Sure, it's partly marketing, but it's also green, and as I said, it's a romantic notion.

Let me know if you're interested in moving goods along the coast. Boston to Gloucester, Scituate or Provincetown would be within range. "Delivered by Sail" tags will be provided.

Interested, curious or otherwise? Email: Delivery by Sail