Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tomorrow is March 1st. What's on tap? More snow!

Over the near twenty years that I've been sailing LIQUIDITY, I've pretty much honed my seasonal routine. In particular, my pre-launch, spring routine is pretty simple:

  • Take off winter cover, buy sandwich and soft drink, climb on board, have lunch, go home.
  • Wax and buff hull
  • Service sea cocks
  • Touch up or paint the bottom and boot stripe
The calendar for all of the above? Cover generally comes off mid-March, and everything else is finished the week before tax returns are due. Launching while April is still in single digits has always been my goal.

So, with two weeks to go until "Take Off The Cover Day," the marina looks like... THIS:

Seriously, the only land in that picture is what you see in the background. What's in the foreground are the docks, slips, pilings, and finger piers at the west end of Marina Bay. That, starting in about five weeks, is where the boats go!

I'm going to ignore the forecast that's calling for more snow Sunday evening into Monday. With two weeks to go, my plan (at least for now) is to stick with my well honed spring routine.