Sunday, March 23, 2014

Is it Spring yet?

I don't need to tell you today's temperature or the forecast for the week. Equinox or not, Winter isn't done with us yet.

We did get one nice, cool (i.e., not cold!), sunny day last weekend, and that was my window to taking the cover off of LIQUIDITY and officially starting my 2014 sailing season. Now just the little project of installing the little Beta 14 and I'll be ready to go.

Aside from the repowering, I'm at least two weeks behind my usual schedule. And, so is everyone else! I'm thinking that I'll catch up if it warms up... I need to compound and wax the hull, paint the bottom and paint a new boot stripe. Oh, and grease the seacocks. That done, I'll launch, with a little luck, within three weeks.

I'm already feeling for Matt at Marina Bay, though. Between now and Memorial Day, Matt's responsible for launching 600+ boats. Procrastination (the boaters', not Matt's!) exists every year but bad weather will really back him up this time. By now, he's usually scouring the yard for boats to launch. This year, he won't be finding any.

Stay tuned. Sooner or later the answer to "Is it Spring yet?" will be "Yes!"