Monday, June 15, 2015

Peddocks Island - 1st overnight getaway of 2015

The season's been slow to start, with a long winter, damage at the marina, and a cool spring. Seems like everyone is four weeks behind, but catching up.

That said, we're back from our first long weekend on LIQUIDITY. We stayed over Friday night, sailed to Peddocks Island on Saturday, anchoring in Perry Cove, and returned yesterday. Light air going, but a nice 10 knot East wind coming home!

Peddocks is always a delight... a bit of roll in the anchorage from passing boats but that settles down in the evening. And since most of the passing boats were small, their wakes were fairly gentle. 

As always, a delightful sunset over Boston as viewed from Perry Cove. The wake up scene wasn't bad, either.