Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I feel like an organ donor

Those who poke around the "Buy/Sell CD Boats and Gear" message board may have read that I sold my 1977 Volvo MD7A, to a diesel shop in CT. I got a fair price for an engine that runs but has some cooling issues, water dripping issues and transmission oil leaking issues. And as needed, the parts will extend the lives of countless other MD7As.

The motor is out of the boat and sitting, winterized and covered, on a pallet tucked under the bow at the boat yard at Marina Bay. Unsold, I'd need to crack 35 year old bolts to take off the "good parts," drain and dispose of engine oil and haul what's left to a scrap dealer. I'd also need to carefully hide the stripped off parts in the basement, in a place where L won't find them! And, of course, I'd be in the business of listing parts on Craig's List and eBay, over and over until some unfortunate soul had a need for the identical part.

I'm happy to trade the motor and the pain and suffering that would go along with still owning it for a small bundle of boat bucks. That said, my 13HP MD7A served me well for 16 years (not to mention the years and owners before me) and always got me home. It's somewhat sad to see it go.