Friday, October 25, 2013

Let the planning begin!

It was a pretty good sailing season for me. L and I managed a 15 day vacation (as noted in an earlier post), I was back through the Canal several weeks after that for a Cape Dory Sailboat Owners Association rendezvous, I managed a mid-September trip to Provincetown and ended the season with a trophy-winning* Boston Harbor Island Regatta sail. How I'm ready to haul, with just a carload or two of stuff left on board.

(* For the record, I was awarded the Master's Trophy in division 2, non-spinnaker, as the one and only senior to show up and race.)

As the title to this post suggests, it's not planning time for the 2014 season.

Most significant is my decision to re-power LIQUIDITY. The original Volvo MD7A still runs well, as it has since 1977. But, it leaks some water, leaks some oil, has some cooling system clogs and the like. All can be fixed, I would think, if I yank the motor out of the boat. Since I'd need to outsource all the work, if I'm taking the old Volvo out, I'm not putting it back in. I've settled on a new Beta as a replacement. The Volvo will come out now; the Beta will be installed in the Spring. (Let me know if you have any interest in the MD7A, in whole or in part.)

Honestly, beyond the Beta, I have no plans for 2014 and beyond. Unless you can tell me which way the wind will be blowing on any particular day, I'll make those decisions later.