Friday, September 7, 2012

It's not over yet

With Labor Day behind us I'm hearing a lot of "how was your summer" talk. Much as for me the summer starts in March (when the cover comes off) it doesn't end until I'm hauled out in November. Here's what's left:

My annual Provincetown sail. This has been a good one for me when the weather cooperates. I fund raise for AIDS Action in the form of the Harbor to the Bay Ride, Copley Square to P-town in a day, and that day is next Saturday. So the plan: sail to P-town (through Scituate) on Wednesday/Thursday, leave the boat, take the ferry back to Boston, ride the bike to P-town on Saturday, sail back on Sunday/Monday.

Another volunteer week on Clearwater in NY. They're always short of vols when school is in session. That's why they'll have me.

Post-Columbus day overnight. With the clubs closed and many boats already hauled, moorings are everywhere and they're free for the taking. It's not the money, just nice to be taking a fall weekend when it's way quieter on the water and on the mooring than in the warmer months.

There's more that's not on the wish list. I'll be keeping a good weather eye.