Sunday, October 2, 2011

Velocity made good

It rained in the early morning. We got wet. Not a problem though as Joe, Carl, Stan and I readied the boat for the 7th annual Boston Harbor Island Regatta. We were looking forward to a good race and ignoring the rain, noted a breeze on the high end of the forecast 5-10, acceptable sailing weather for a Cape Dory 28. It wasn't to be.

At start time the wind was light from the east, with the current flooding west. Oh brother! With light air and a foul tide, LIQUIDITY was attempting to beat its way to the starting line just yards away. Our start time was 1001; we crossed the line about an hour later.

No problem! We were sailing and we had the rest of the Class F fleet (non-spinnaker slow boats) more or less in sight. But an hour later, in light air and a foul current, we had made little progress. Our port tack was right into the flow and we were lucky to make one knot over ground. Our starboard tack was beam to the current and while we could make three knots, much of that was back towards the start. Class F fleet in sight, we sailed on.

There were eleven of us on the scratch sheet. At least two didn't start. One by one, others withdrew. SANDRALA, a classic Alden Yawl, withdrew. OPHELIA, a Capri 22, withdrew when they wisely turned on their motor to clear the channel for an outbound tanker. Boats in other classes were heard withdrawing on the radio. Others, in our class and others, no doubt left the course without announcement.

At about 1400, we withdrew. Three hours after crossing the starting line an hour late, we had made good about a mile and a half, just one third of the first windward leg.

Did I mention that visibility had dropped? We could no longer see Boston Light. Neither could we see, Hull, The Narrows, Georges Island or the other boats.

We arrived safely at Marina Bay. Carl and Stan needed to go and Joe and I had a beer before straightening up the boat. Then we drove to Brookline, pondered dinner and decided on sushi.

Ginza is a short walk, just around the corner. It rained in the late evening. We got wet.